studioastic – that’s us

We are a team of multidisciplinary Creatives. Driven by our passion for design and animation we create impressing communication solutions with impact. Our wide spread visualisation skills help us developing tailor-made visual concepts. Together with our clients we create ideas and implement them from A to Z with the highest possible balance of quality and budget.

All our projects are done inhouse or created in cooperation with our specialized partners. Handling projects on a high professional level is one of our greater goals. It is important for us to accompany you through the whole production-process.

Production Services

  • CGI
  • Motion Design
  • Postproduction
  • Live Action
  • Illustration
  • Photography
  • Product Visualisation

Creative Services

  • Art Direction
  • Creative Thinking
  • Visual Consulting


Mag. (FH) David Oerter

Mag. (FH) David Oerter

Founder & Motion Designer

David is our Design-Guru. The master of bringing static images to life and keeping an eye on timing budget and quality.

Mag. (FH) Daniel Uebleis

Mag. (FH) Daniel Uebleis

Founder & 3D Artist

Daniel is responsible for adding the third dimension to our work. He loves to create realistic images from scratch.

The Formula – Our motivation – BRICE

It's not that magical

The formula for successful projects

We mix a lot of enthusiasm and love for creating awesome visual output with a pretty organized working environment. Fun and freedom and the right sense of organisation and planning are the core points of this formula. Not that magical anymore, right?

Our Motivation

We are addicted to what we do and put a piece of our soul in every project. For us it is very important to create projects that our clients gonna love. Projects that are way better than they had been expected before. Projects that exactly fit their needs and budget. We enjoy working together with our clients and pushing borders far beyond mediocracy.


Different projects have different requirements – but the overall workflow stays the same. We find out what our clients likes us to do and analyse what they really need. Like two railway tracks running next to each other we see our clients as partners working on an eye-level trying to reach the same goals. In this partnership both are specialized on different parts: Clients know themselves and the goals of the projects better than anyone else and on the other side of the track we are commissioned to create the best professional visualisation of this content.

The overall workflow is basically structured in the following five steps we call BRICE: Briefing – Rebriefing – Idea – Creation – Exodus. In each step the requirements are adapted individually to fit the projects needs.



Initial Step
  • Who is the client?
  • What does he want?
  • What is the client aiming for?
  • Clients ideas and wishes
  • The Budget



Our Understanding
  • Interpretation of the briefing
  • Our project-understanding
  • Additional Ideas
  • Additional Questions
  • What we can offer



Creative Process
  • Developing Concepts
  • Rough idea-visualisations
  • Close collaboration with client
  • Finetuning ultimate concept
  • Project Management Creation



  • Creating Assets
  • Collaboration with partners
  • Drinking liters of coffee
  • Feedback-Circles
  • Creating final product



  • Creating different outputs
  • Hand-Over
  • Asking for Feedback
  • Final-Payment
  • Having a party!

Partners and Friends

Close collaboration with our specialized partners enables us to offer a wide spectrum of professional services without loosing sight on quality and costs

Staudinger+Franke GmbH Photography, Retouching
Herbert Doppler | IT Partner IT Services
Andreas Alfarè Mobile & Web Software Development
loxbox Marketing, Product Development
mediacreation GmbH Filmproduction
Christian Salic Design, Advertising
d:signery OG Design
Sandra Birklbauer Photography & Digital Art Photography, Retouching
Raumstory – Tina Kirchweger Interior Design, Strategy
florianmatthias Corporate Design, Web Design

Daniel Hollerweger Camera
Sebastian Prittwitz Speaker, Sound, Film
Jürgen Brunner Game Development, Sound
Martin Außerleitner Design
Benjamin Hohnheiser Design, Animation, Installation
Fragile Obscurity Web, Mobile, Illustration, Graphic Design, Identity
Stefan Höss Interaction Design, Webdesign, Graphic Design
Michael Schönrock Web-Coding
Ela Grieshaber Photography
Agentur LOOP New Media GmbH Interactive


We had the pleasure to work on projects for a bunch of notable companies

Animedical medizinische Animationen KG
ARGE Tag des Salzburger Film
Braun Maschinenfabrik GmbH
CADstar GmbH
Corcel Design & Innovation GmbH

EMIL e-Mobility Sharing GmbH
EventPal UG
FH-Salzburg Forschung
Geo Reisen
Johnson & Johnson
Media 1

Raiffeisen Pöndorf-Frankenmarkt
Raiffeisen Verband Salzburg
Royal Opera House Muscat
Schloss Hellbrunn
Wien Energie
Wiener Zucker